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The LASC cluster uses mainly open source software.

Operating System
  • Linux CentOS 6.6 x86_64 operating system
Programming Environment
  • mc - MidnightCommander file manager with simple editor and many useful functions
  • emacs, vi, pico and joe editors
  • gzip, zip, bzip2, tar and lha for file compression and archiving
  • Hundred of other programs and utilities: see at RedHat web-site

  • prsh - the parallel remote shell (type "prsh -h" for help)
  • dsh - the distributed shell (type "dsh -h" for help)
  • clrun - the cluster information utility (type "clrun -h" for help)
Communication API for Parallel Computations
  • MPICH - "Message Passing Interface" MPICH-1.2.6 implementation
  • OpenMPI - "Message Passing Interface" OpenMPI 1.4.0 implementation

These pages are maintained by Alexei Kuzmin (a.kuzmin@cfi.lu.lv). Comments and suggestions are welcome.